Daily Archive: October 25, 2010


Fair & Balanced

Mike Farmer objects to my criticism of Fox News as a network which appeals to the doing brain rather than the thinking brain: E.D. Kain tries to write a fair and balanced post on...


Markets and Faith

Scott writes: If the past two-plus years have taught us anything, it is that placing unfettered trust in the inherent wisdom of the free market is, at best, a shaky wager that courts potentially...



Responding to Barrett’s attack on all things related to NRO’s The Corner, and particularly the portion dealing with K-Lo, the mysterious FLG (ordinarily the League’s bête noire) writes: FLG maintains that nobody likes clowns....



Can someone explain this to me? Maybe start with general principles of fairness in election law, and then work your way up — or down — to this? Colorado Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes’...


That rarest of beasts – the positive political ad

I like this Marco Rubio ad because it’s positive, avoids cheap shots at Charlie Crist even though Crist has made himself a very easy target, and because, quite frankly, I really loathe Charlie Crist....

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