Daily Archive: October 7, 2010


Proof of God

Ned Resnikoff poses a pretty intriguing question at his blog: How could a Deity prove its omnipotence? This, of course, assumes that a Deity is omnipotent to begin with. I’m not sure a Deity...


Questioning educational patriotism

I’m a bit late to the great education debate, which is unfortunate because I did have a few thoughts on it.  My own take isn’t really connected to the need to create a more...


Meanwhile, the Economic Viability of NJ is at Stake

One of the most important things happening in the United States right now is getting a trivial amount of press. As a 30-day moratorium to investigate cost overruns comes to a close, it’s becoming...


Obion County Blues

I’ve enjoyed both of Mark’s posts (part one and part two) on the Obion Fire Controversy a great deal. He’s absolutely correct to heap scorn on the various misinformation campaigns out there regarding this...


Charles Taylor Thursday #1.

From Canadian philosopher/theorist Charles Taylor’s book A Secular Age, p. 258-9: That this achievement was possible [i.e., exclusive humanism] is an important fact about human beings, albeit it is open to different interpretations. We...

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