Daily Archive: October 22, 2010


From our Parisian Friend

Scott recently posted about the strikes in France, citing an NPR report from a Paris correspondent who said, among other things: “This strike/protest is only using the pensions as a trigger to fight against...


Friday Night Jukebox

I saw School of Seven Bells last night, and they were pretty excellent live. Enjoy:


Chinese Professor

Doug Mataconis passes along this ad from Citizens Against Government Waste: It’s probably a pretty effective ad – James Fallows thinks it’s an instant classic – but I found it also kind of bizarre....


How Privatization Gets (and Deserves) a Bad Name

Gary Farber at Obsidian Wings points out this Matt Taibbi piece in Rolling Stone. Taibbi has always been skeptical of the free market movement, and sometimes his skepticism is even justified: In the summer...