Daily Archive: October 6, 2010


Taxes and Subscriptions: The Same Result

Those who insist (inaccurately) that so-called “pay-for-spray” and an “on your own” theory of governance were epitomized by firefighters in rural Obion Couty, Tennessee refusing to put out a fire – and indeed watching it...


Think Progress, Rural Fire Departments, and Managed Ignorance

So I’ve decided Think Progress (Yglesias excepted) is rapidly becoming indistinguishable from a Left-Wing version of the Malkin-Coulter axis, a propaganda outlet that exists more to make its base accept a caricature of its...


Lighten the F Up!

Rush Limbaugh calls the President a “jackass,” an “economic illiterate,” and an “idiot, where capitalism is concerned.”  This, somehow, equates to “taking his contempt for the President to a new level,” and “opinion media rhetoric...