Daily Archive: October 29, 2010


Friday Night Jukebox

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a live version worth posting on YouTube:


The Three Jonathans

Jonathan Bernstein is blogging (guest-blogging, I think) over at Citizen Cohn, Jonathan Cohn’s blog. This puts us this much closer to my idea for the Three Jonathans Blog – Chait, Cohn, and Bernstein all...


Notes from a litigious society

I would like to congratulate Justice Paul Wooten of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan for his no-nonsense ruling that 4-year-old children should be open to lawsuits for biking recklessly. In the case of...


Secret Socialism

In high school, I was a self-described socialist. What this meant at the time, God only knows. Now I vacillate between agreeing with our smarter, more prolific blog contributors. If you go back through...



I have made a significant correction to my post yesterday on the effects of Citizens United on the race in OR-4.  I somehow inexcusably managed to forget that individual contributions to PACs for independent...


Government and Fraud Open Thread

Jonathan Bernstein argues that, although it is bad in itself and should be deterred to the extent possible, increased presence of fraud in a government program is a good sign that the program is...


National Review and Prop 19

Here’s an odd statement from Andrew Sullivan: A search for a single mention of Prop 19 in today’s National Review found only this measured piece by Reihan, one of our most illustrious Dish alums....


Broken Culture, Broken Politics?

R.R. Reno has written an essay that asks some important questions and sent me thumbing through my copy of Jacques Barzun’s From Dawn to Decadence: In this atmosphere, the pressing question about politics was...


Obama does the Daily Show

I agree entirely with Jonah Goldberg’s viewing of the Obama/Jon Stewart interview: I apologize for not focusing on this pressing matter earlier, but I’ve only just now actually watched the apparently infamous "dude" scene...


Did private industry create the railroads?

Speaking of Kevin Carson, I would very much like for him to school the editors of The Washington Examiner about whether the railroad industry would have developed without state subsidization.


More, Please

John Judis takes an honest look at the Tea Parties. (Via Pseudo-Polymath).


More On Social Imaginaries

I’m a little embarrassed to say that despite having studied philosophy in college and still being a self-proclaimed philosophy geek, I had never heard of Charles Taylor before yesterday’s Charles Taylor Thursday. But clearly...