Daily Archive: September 1, 2010


Russell Moore on Glenn Beck

One of the best responses to Glenn Beck’s bizarre rally last week was an eloquent warning from Southern Baptist Russell Moore about the proper place of politics in the lives of Christians: Satan did...


Fun campaign lists

Complete change of topic… Like many people, summers blunt my level of attention to day to day political news.  But now it’s September – just a few days from Labor Day – and the...


Liberaltarian Envy

I’m fascinated by the liberaltarian conversations here and elsewhere and, as an outsider, more than a little bit jealous.  Whether or not the potential movement will be realized in the short term is still...


Intervention and Moral Hazards

Michael Brendan Dougherty highlights an article suggesting that humanitarian interventions actually increase the likelihood of genocide and ethnic cleansing:


Shoup Himself Responds to O’Toole

Donald Shoup has made a career out of studying the effects of government parking mandates on the way we drive and live. After a bit of a blogospheric kerfluffle about free parking, Shoup responds...