Daily Archive: September 14, 2010


Increased border enforcement leads to more migrant deaths

Adam Serwer posts this rather grim chart: He writes: "Skeletal remains" refers to those bodies so decomposed that cause of death couldn’t be determined. Perversely, increased border enforcement seems to have the effect of...


The Economics of Enlightenment

I have a short piece [here is the pdf download link] in the current issue of Econ Journal Watch, commenting on the recent ‘economic enlightenment’ survey Daniel Klein and Zeljka Buturovic published there a...


War blogging

So, after a good deal of pushback and a good deal of thoughtful commentary on my war posts, I think I’ll have to take a step back from my plunder/defense/folly theory of war. I...


Nietzsche, brought to you by Heineken.

Is Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals too long for you? Good news! Now you can just watch this Heineken commercial: