Daily Archive: September 13, 2010


Too Late for Beer Week

But the headline is immortal: Deep Fried Beer Invented in Texas.


The New Culture War

Over at the Washington Examiner, I have a three–part–series on the new culture wars. In Part One I talk about the breakdown of the modern conservative movement and the Three-Legged Stool. Now, thirty years...


Intellectual honesty & obligation

Noah Millman attempts to define intellectual honesty: “Intellectually honest” means you make arguments you think are true, as opposed to making the arguments you are “supposed” to make and/or avoiding making arguments that you...


The Costs of Empire

One interesting footnote from our recent debate over war and material self-interest is the question of the British Empire. Namely, did the Brits actually benefit from conquering all those foreign territories?



It’s official – every male who’s ever tossed a football is guilty of sexual harrasment: It was also claimed that players were deliberately overthrowing passes to allow them to retrieve the ball from near...


Make Them Pay

Hey there Christian conservatives! Are you sad because courts are scrapping second-class citizenship for gays and lesbians? Do you just want to put them all back in the closet? Or at least marginalize them?...