Daily Archive: September 10, 2010

Most of the world’s countries are undereducated

Tyler Cowen has an excellent response up to this bit from Bryan Caplan on education. Here’s Bryan: The other day, Tyler Cowen challenged me to name any country that I consider under-educated.  None came...

How to get rich quick in Medieval Europe

Note: I hope I’m not boring everyone with these digressions into the history of the Crusades, but I’ll stick with this example because Erik brought it up originally and because it aptly demonstrates that...

One last thought on War

Look, I don’t think all wars or even all the players involved in brewing up our wars are necessarily working with some nefarious plot in mind. But I think that war inevitably ends up...

Athens, 403-399BC

My answer to this. I’m surprised that no one got there first.

Wars of Folly

[updated] So the pushback against my war posts is interesting and has me thinking. I suppose that if you peel back the ‘defense’ and ‘plunder’ binary you can see some other variations of war....

Melville and American Foreign Policy

I’d highly recommend Walter Russell Meade on Melville’s Benito Cereno, a novella I remember slogging through in English class. Who knew high school reading lists could prove so useful?

What White People Really Like

Striking, hilarious results from OkCupid (an online dating site) reveal what different ethnic groups are really into.

Wars of plunder?

In an uncharacteristically silly post, Erik asserts that all wars are either defensive or driven by “plunder.” He also suggests that the United States’ invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were somehow motivated by a...