Author: Mike Dwyer


Housing Policy

A HUD proposal last year aims to create more opportunity for recipients of housing aid. Could it work?


The Fight for Federal Lands

Federal lands are back in the news as a new regime in Washington pursues their agenda on public spaces.


President Obama and the Arts

The legacy of President Obama will be debated for decades to come, but it’s not too early to think about his relationship with the Arts.


Breaking the Cycle

We’ll never go forward, when we keep fighting the same battles.

TV shows 18


Lamenting the eventual loss of commercials in the modern home.


The DNC Email Leaks

Trying not to delight too much in the missteps of political parties.



Jaybird is out of town, so Mike tries to figure out the his formula for the perfect Weekend post.


Is This The Slippery Slope?

A same-sex couple in Louisville says a Catholic cemetery is discriminating against their tombstone request. Is this the slippery slope we were warned about?


How Big Is the Big Tent?

For those that no longer feel at home in the GOP, is there a tent big enough for them on the Left?


Future Horrible Practices

Mike Dwyer considers what things we take for granted today that will horrify our kids someday.