Author: Mike Dwyer

Mike Dwyer is a former writer and contributor at Ordinary Times.

The Peopling of North America

New discoveries and what they say about the settlement of North and South America by ancient peoples.


Lowering the Bar for Teachers?

Removing the requirement of teaching degree seems like a lowering of standards. Is the conversation a bit more complicated than that?


Remembering Anthony Bourdain

When you suddenly realize that a person you never met had a significant impact on your adult life.


Bill Clinton: Time for a Reckoning

Perhaps the most famous case of a man abusing his power to take advantage of a woman, came to light 20 years ago. Is it finally time to talk about what Bill Clinton did while in office, with the perspective of today’s #metoo movement?



Autumn has arrived.


Millennials and Grit

Bashing Millennials seems to be the favorite hobby of many cultural observers these days. Is there any truth to the stereotypes?


The New E-Conomy

American workers are at a cross-roads and our political leaders all seem to be leading them in the wrong direction. What the ‘Amazon effect’ means for the future of labor.