Roman Reigns: Wrestling’s Top Star Finally Lives Up To The Hype

Luis A. Mendez

Luis A. Mendez

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2 Responses

  1. Avatar Jaybird

    This is awesome. Wonderful.

    You know, way back in the 80’s, one of the go-to tricks for a talent that was having trouble charismatically but was awesome in the ring was to give them a manager. The guy can’t cut a believable promo? No problem.

    Giving him Heyman is *SMART*.

    I was wandering toward watching AEW when wrestling night comes back. It’s good to know that, hey, Raw just might have turned things around.Report

  2. Avatar Reformed Republican

    I’ve been hearing good things about everything with Reigns and I wish him the best. He seems like a standup guy, but I never really got into his presentation either.

    I hope WWE eventually comes up with a product that will get me back into watching wrestling again. I was watching fairly regularly until this year. I had dropped WWE weekly shows, but I was watching AEW, and checking WWE PPVs. Mania was my last WWE PPV. AEW lost me with the Stadium Stampede match at Double or Nothing (though I have checked in for a few specific matches, like Cody vs. Brodie Lee dog collar match). NWA was sidelined by the pandemic. I miss good wrestling to watch.Report

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