Author: Luis A. Mendez

A Latino Writer Addicted To The Storytelling Power Of Film
Best Picture Oscars 2

2023 Best Picture Oscars Projections: The Starting Line

These initial projections for next year’s Best Picture Oscars race are based purely on my objective thoughts on where the race is as of this writing just weeks after the previous Academy Awards had their say

Siskel And Ebert 20

Things I Learned From Binging Siskel And Ebert

Siskel And Ebert was nothing groundbreaking, but for a kid who was limited in what movies he could watch and when, it was great to get the scoop from these guys.

Tampa Bay: The Hub Of The Sports World

Tampa Bay has been able to claim the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and Wrestlemania in less than a year

The Biden Era

Electoral Trends: Into The Biden Era

Which party’s electoral trends will benefit during the Biden era? Honestly, I can see trends on either side continuing or snapping away from either party