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Backyard Brawl 7

The Pride, the Fall, and the Backyard Brawl

“It’s just a game,” said some dude on Twitter when I mentioned I was still not quite over 13-9. He just didn’t understand the Backyard Brawl

assumptions 16

Sports and The Power of Assumption

This post isn’t about what’s going to happen (as of right now no one knows) or what should happen, but rather the nature of assumptions

overtime 21

It’s Time To Talk NFL Overtime

In light of the Bills-Chiefs NFL playoff game, an evaluation of improvements that can be made on the NFL overtime system.

John Madden 4

NFL Legend John Madden Dead at 85

There is no overstating what John Madden meant to the NFL, not just the most popular sport in America but the number one TV show in the country and a cultural behemoth.

Army-Navy Game 1

Bucket List: The Army-Navy Game

The Army-Navy Game is uniquely-authentically-American and an honor to behold. To witness all of this in person is something

Eddie Kingston 1

Eddie Kingston FT (Mental Health)W

Sometimes, it just takes one person. Eddie Kingston, another prototypical “tough guy” wrestler, has been outspoken on mental health issues that he faces

Atlanta 6

The Curse Lifts, At Least For A Moment

I’ve seen great Braves teams that died in the first round. And I’ve now seen a Howl’s Moving Castle of a team crush their way to glory

Jon Gruden 35

Fall Of The House of Gruden

Jon Gruden not only sinned, but sinned in the worse possible way; by having his transgressions documented with a paper trail.