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Football Will Save The World

No, football did not prevent bad things. Could not have. But I submit that football made them bearable in a way they might not have been


Tampa Bay: The Hub Of The Sports World

Tampa Bay has been able to claim the Stanley Cup Finals, the World Series, the Super Bowl, and Wrestlemania in less than a year


Briefly, About Good Cops And Bad Cops

A funny thing happened yesterday: Ujiri’s legal team released bodycam footage that did not show what Strickland claimed it did.

Washington Redskins

They Who Must Not Be Named

Today I realized I’m tired of the fight over the “Redskins” name, tired of citing Ives Goddard, and tired of taking positions on the polls.

Weekend Plans Post: On Running A 5K

Weekend Plans Post: On Running A 5K

I visited my friends and we ran a 5K. It took about an hour. Yeah, maybe it was more of a jog.And, lemme tell ya, if I could do it. You can do it.

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags

NASCAR Bans Confederate Flags

NASCAR said it is banning the flying of Confederate flags at its races and other events.

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Series! World Series of the 1940’s

Since baseball in present time is on hold for the duration, let’s resume our travels through its past. We began post-WWII and proceeded through the Nationals’ first championship in 2019