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Real Help From Imaginary Friends

In our Leaguefest DM group, then later at Leaguefest, Em referred to us as her “imaginary friends” and the term stuck.

Leaguefest 2022 33

Leaguefest: I Have Some Questions

We’re getting to the point that we need to make reservations for the bigger meals, and I’d like a headcount for the rest.

Leaguefest 2022 25

Leaguefest 2022: More Info

We shall be staying in historic Old Town Alexandria! There will be food involved though we don’t know what. Vineyards? Hamilton? Chime in now!

Ordinary Times 10

Friends of Ordinary Times

There are a handful of sites I consider peers of Ordinary Times in one manner or another, so a look at some websites across the land.

Leaguefest 2022 14

Leaguefest 2022: Save The Date

It has been an incredibly long time since we’ve actually had a Leaguefest, which makes me more excited than ever about it.

Kay Dick 0

Sunday Morning! “They” by Kay Dick

This recently-rediscovered novella is a chilling anomaly in dystopian fiction: here the censorious “they” feel no need to explain, justify, or announce themselves. We know them only by their hatreds.


New Ordinary Times feature! There is a new project to the left side. It is something of an accompaniment to Ten Second News, but dedicated to video.

Our New Look

A note from the editor.


West Virginia, Mountain Mama

So much is happening right now that it’s hard to pay attention to any one particular thing, particularly my implausible escapades.

To the Place I Belong

By this point, I am afraid that the absurdity of all this had become too much to bear.

Country Roads, Take Me Home

If you choose to rely upon Google, Verizon, and/or Samsung products as an aid to road navigation, do yourself a favor and verify the route using traditional methods.


Pity Parler

These former Twitter brands have found an audience receptive to their bloviating on Parler. Wonderful. And also, how boring.

Harsh your mellow

Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Answer the Question Edition

Joe Biden, Charlamagne tha God, The Breakfast Club, Kayleigh McEnany, Jonah Goldberg, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, and Bernie Sanders supporters in this edition of Harsh Your Mellow Monday