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Parler 16

Pity Parler

These former Twitter brands have found an audience receptive to their bloviating on Parler. Wonderful. And also, how boring.

Anonymous 8

Vanity, Thy Name is Anonymous

A ineffective coward sally forths into the media to make sure you know how bravely they are accomplishing nothing

A Poison Tree, Blake Project Mosaic, Centaur Street 7

On Hatred

Hatred is an emotion and a choice. It’s always toxic.

Rosebud 164


Even Donald Trump is a human being.

pizza 3

Eating Pizza Outside In The Snow

Symposium: We ate the pizza with “Ooohs!” and “Aaaahs!” as we took bites that burned our mouth, all while snow hit us in the face, blowing sideways.

A New Site Feature

We are entrusting you, each of you, with a great power. And you already know what comes along with great power.

Dystopia Revisted

It’s back. For a limited time and very limited quantities.