Author: gabriel conroy

Gabriel Conroy [pseudonym] is an ex-graduate student. He is happily married with no children and has about a million nieces and nephews. The views expressed by Gabriel are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of his spouse or employer.
Photograph of artwork of an installation by Gérôme Considérant in Cinquantenaire museum, Brussels, entitled "Beware for the Birth of Venus." 69

Sympathy for the prude

In (partial) defense of prudery and in counterargument to (some forms of) anti-prudery.

Photo of empty movie theater. 131

The unreview

Sometimes the reason we don’t see or read something deserves consideration.

Handwritten notes on legislative procedure. 25

Plausible Misconceptions

Ignorance is not only ignorance, and we need to understand why others make the mistakes they do.


Tenure reviewed

A review of a must-read book about tenure and the humanities.