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Gabriel Conroy [pseudonym] is an ex-graduate student. He is happily married with no children and has about a million nieces and nephews. The views expressed by Gabriel are his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of his spouse or employer.
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The Perils of Impeachment

Impeaching Mr. Trump after he leaves office will come with certain hazards that the pro-impeachment side should take account of.

James Joyce statue in Dublin, Ireland

Re-reading (And Not Reading) James Joyce

I know every single one of you is wondering whether and in what ways I appreciate James Joyce’s work. So…In praise of (and in fear of) James Joyce’s oeuvre.

Jimmy Carter button

Georgia, Everybody Loves You Now

Wherein I praise today as a stalwart beacon of that which is right and just what I yesterday condemned as backward and reactionary.

Alabama redistricting

Trump For Supreme Court Justice?

If Mr. Trump nominated himself to the Supreme Court–and if he succeeded in appointing himself–that would solve a lot of problems.


“Hamilton” and the False Choice

The play “Hamilton” offers us a false choice between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. But the two are morally equivalent.

Frozen lake

Self-injury & Me

Trigger warning: This post discusses self-injury, sometimes known as “cutting,” even though not all self-injury involves cutting. I’ve tried to avoid dwelling on the exact details of my own self-injury practices, but I do allude to them.

Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon at Madame Toussaud's in London

Kangaroo Court

The movement to impeach President Trump is in some respects a movement for a kangaroo court. But we should support it anyway.

A Poison Tree, Blake Project Mosaic, Centaur Street

On Hatred

Hatred is an emotion and a choice. It’s always toxic.



Even Donald Trump is a human being.

Smokestacks from factories near a large body of water.

Visit to River County

An excursion into the outskirts of Trump Country.

The Gamble Case

The “separate sovereigns” exception to the double jeopardy clause.