The Justice Department and the Very Delicate Feelings of Devin Nunes

Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He blogs at his own site, and has written a novel.

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5 Responses

  1. Philip H says:

    my guess, knowing actual civil servants in general counsels offices across several agencies – is that legal work was handled by the politically appointed team under Attorney General Barr. There are often dozens of “Schedule C” political appointees in any federal agency, and they never see the light of a Senate confirmation hearing while doing direct policy shaping work for a given cabinet level position. They are mostly gone now with the change in administrationReport

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    This is one of the dangers of having that kind of power beholden to politics (through appointees). Of course, not having appointees with that kind of power just gives more to the entrenched employees. So it sucks either way.

    Perhaps we should have a rule that judges can ban lawyers from appearing in their court if they try to push such abuse. I’m sure there are dozens of reasons why that won’t work.Report

  3. Chip Daniels says:

    Yet another example of why no Republican should ever be allowed near the levers of power.Report

  4. Since then, Devin Nunes has seen lawsuit after lawsuit crash and burn.

    Which is of course better than the alternative but Nunes is still filing new lawsuits (and refiling old ones), and they’re still expensive things to defend. As long as his mysterious patron keeps funding his litigation, he’s still going to be able to harass hs critics this way.Report

  5. James K says:

    For this alone Nunes should be impeached or ejected from the House, along with whoever signed off on this.Report