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Ron DeSantis 70

Don’t Rush To Coronate Ron DeSantis

Appealing to moderate voters is what Republicans need to do if they want to turn their electoral fortunes around. But can Ron DeSantis pull it off?

Donald Trump 55

Trump Announces 2024 Presidential Candidacy

Donald Trump has a receipt that the party was signed over to him, and he isn’t going away quietly at the gentle shooing of management, pundits, the party, or anyone else.

Donald Trump 7

GET BENT, TRUMP!! A Midterm Election Postmortem

Let’s chest kick Donald Trump off the nearest cliff in such a way that his cult fan base doesn’t egg him on to do a stupid third party bid or something equally infantile and destructive.

Desantis 29

Trump Declares War on DeSantis

Donald Trump taking on Ron DeSantis just before Election Day may be a lot of things, but it isn’t surprising.

Millenarian 13

The Millenarian Midterm

American politics is replete with apocalyptic and millenarian rhetoric. Thankfully, those who feel this way are dead wrong.

Jacobite 12

The King Over the Water

On Donald Trump, Trumpism, the failure of the Jacobites, and the folly of yoking a political movement to a lost cause.

crisis 32

Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste

We need to resist this cynical expansion of a problem into an existential crisis for the purpose of increasing government’s involvement in daily life.