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Mark Aguirre 12

The Strange Saga of Mark Aguirre

Mark Aguirre did not retire voluntarily and was in fact at the center of a huge police scandal almost twenty years ago:

RIP, Alex Trebek 7

RIP, Alex Trebek

Watch him stump a bunch of nerds with football questions.


Chairman Heckler’s Veto

They are bending the will to China because the Chinese government can and will demand it in a way that the US government won’t and can’t.


Tenshot: Tales From The Loop

Tales From The Loop is mostly an anthology of interconnected stories involving a mysterious lab that is also the major employer in a relatively small town.


Batman, Ranked

Who’s the best Batman of them all? I have decided to try to tackle the question of “Which actor is the best Batman?”


Everybody Gets an F

The national failure of putting kids in classrooms (and keeping them there).


There Once Was a Girl

I was her you-wouldn’t-know-him-boyfriend-in-Canada except not in Canada and not her boyfriend. But real! And if it did get back to me, that was okay, because she didn’t not like me.


Hollow Rights & Hollow Points

It doesn’t matter as much if they can’t arrest you if they can just kill you. Rights that are not consistently respected aren’t rights.


Morning Ed: Economics

The virus gives us the opportunity to remake the economy. Some people are salivating at the prospect.

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