Author: Will Truman

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FDA 26

Fools and Knaves and the FDA

FDA approval should reflect what the FDA knows about a drug…It is untenable to argue that the system must be ignored to be preserved.

Ally McBeal 13

Tenshot: Revisiting Ally McBeal

Revisiting Ally McBeal, a cast of obnoxious people that it was fun to spend time around, and looking forward to the revival, which could be absolutely awful.


Morning Ed: China

I’m concerned about what the future holds for Big Tech and China.

Mark Aguirre 12

The Strange Saga of Mark Aguirre

Mark Aguirre did not retire voluntarily and was in fact at the center of a huge police scandal almost twenty years ago:

RIP, Alex Trebek 7

RIP, Alex Trebek

Watch him stump a bunch of nerds with football questions.