Author: Will Truman

Will Truman is the Editor-in-Chief of Ordinary Times. He is also on Twitter.
speeding 16

Speed Gripping

The devil is in the details for something like this, though at baseline I prefer something like this to speeding cameras.

dog 15

The End of the Future Tense

Tomorrow we will go as a family and do this the hard way. There is nothing left to plan for and no future to consider.

Case 8

Embrace The Case

Apple and others will tell you that their phones don’t need cases. Do not believe them.


Real Help From Imaginary Friends

In our Leaguefest DM group, then later at Leaguefest, Em referred to us as her “imaginary friends” and the term stuck.

Leaguefest 2022 33

Leaguefest: I Have Some Questions

We’re getting to the point that we need to make reservations for the bigger meals, and I’d like a headcount for the rest.

assumptions 16

Sports and The Power of Assumption

This post isn’t about what’s going to happen (as of right now no one knows) or what should happen, but rather the nature of assumptions

REM 11

Be Sure To Get Good REM

Some kids swimming just like the old days, then a dude just sitting there with a monkey. The guy on fire manages to be another thing going on as people dance a kind of dated dance.

kevin liota 10

Lives Intersect And We Just Move On

The story of Kevin Liotta, the brother Ray didn’t actually have, to recognize some people are meant to have a limited role in your life, for a limited time.

Leaguefest 2022 25

Leaguefest 2022: More Info

We shall be staying in historic Old Town Alexandria! There will be food involved though we don’t know what. Vineyards? Hamilton? Chime in now!

mary miller 35

Maybe Some More Than Others

As for Rep Mary Miller, the decisive factor for me with regard to whether it was a simple misspoken word involves a previous incident

Ordinary Times 10

Friends of Ordinary Times

There are a handful of sites I consider peers of Ordinary Times in one manner or another, so a look at some websites across the land.

Leaguefest 2022 14

Leaguefest 2022: Save The Date

It has been an incredibly long time since we’ve actually had a Leaguefest, which makes me more excited than ever about it.



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