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  1. InMD says:

    That was pretty cool. I was a big Seinfeld fan and think in retrospect the Elaine character was more than a little underrated. She brought in a lot of Office Space-type satire of the white collar working world from the perspective of a relatively successful person that wouldn’t have made sense for a chronic loser like George. Any time I happen across the syndication I find her stories to remain pretty spot on, even with work remote and ~25 years of technology changes.Report

    • North in reply to InMD says:

      Also she, surely, has had the best post-Seinfeld career.Report

      • Pinky in reply to North says:

        Jerry’s dentist Bryan Cranston had a pretty good run on Malcom in the Middle…Report

        • North in reply to Pinky says:

          An excellent point, I was too indifferent a Seinfeld fan to even realize. So I shall climb down to Dreyfus having the best post Seinfeld career of the main characters actors.Report

          • InMD in reply to North says:

            Yea, she was by far the most successful main character and between Malcom in the Middle and Breaking Bad it’s hard for me to think of any guest/recurring that had more success than Bryan Cranston. A lot of actresses who played Jerry’s girlfriend of the episode (Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Coolidge, Christine Taylor, etc.) went on to other stuff too.

            But in any case I have always found Dreyfus to be among the funniest women I’ve ever seen on tv for her performances on Seinfeld. Also always gave me a chuckle that the character was an Orioles fan, back when that would’ve really ticked off New York sports fans instead of being just sad.Report