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Black Mirror 10

Black Mirror!

All 20 Black Mirror Episodes, Ranked.


This Cannot Be

Dear Presidential Committee:

On behalf of the nineteen Core Competencies as developed by the Consensus Statement on Presidential Attributes Sub-Committee on Selection Criteria Summit of 2048, we respectfully submit this Letter of Evaluation.


Wine and Punishment

Is it racist to call the Saudis barbaric for planning to cane an elderly British man for having bottles of homemade wine in his car? Can I say that, objectively speaking, my values are better than the values of these people? Does this have anything to do with Islam?



School and Suicide

Suicides in Japan spike on the first day of school.



I’m looking for a good book about the Nuremberg Trials…


James Horner, Rest in Peace

Film composer James Horner died earlier today in a plane crash in California’a Los Padres National Forest. May he rest in peace.


OS Bleg

In college, I took a few computer science courses. The comp sci department at my university preferred Solaris. I thought it was okay but somewhat nonintuitive, and with the same problems I had with...


T1 – 004: Three Cadaver

We detached the sternocleidomastoid and infrahyoid muscles from their sternal and clavicular insertions. Then, I took a manual bonesaw and cut through the clavicles at their midlengths…

The Problem of Doing

in which I attempt clumsily to reconcile liberalism with libertarianism and move on


The Affordable Care Act One Year Later

The New York Times has a new report: the Affordable Care Act seems to be making steady progress against the problem of uninsured Americans. This is despite Republican obstructionism of Medicaid expansion.

by Christopher Carr


T1 – 003: Two Cadaver

by Christopher Carr, the second part of a series on the dissection of human cadavers


T1 – 002: One Cadaver

by Christopher Carr, the first part of a series on the dissection of human cadavers



New fiction by Christopher Carr.

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