Voting With Your Wallet: 2019 Review of Capitalism

Christopher Carr

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  1. Alan Coovert says:

    I got rid of the two largest negative influences in my life last year. I got rid of my car and my TV. I’m not giving my money to the auto industry anymore. Now that I’m car-free, I walk, ride my bike and take the bus. I don’t have a car payment, I canceled my car insurance, I don’t buy gasoline and I don’t pay for upkeep and maintenance of a car. I reduced the chance of killing another person or innocent animal with a car to pretty much zero. And by not having a TV, I don’t have to listen to all the lies and propaganda about buying and owning a “Freedom Machine.”Report

  2. JoeSal says:

    And just like that, the sales of freedom pills have doubled in Virginia. It’s going to be a good year.Report

  3. Jaybird says:

    We finally upgraded our internet. From DSL to hi-speed. HOLY COW. THIS IS AWESOME.

    We finally got smartphones. (I hate it. It’s worse than I imagined.)Report

  4. North says:

    US Internet is a fiber-optic cable company in Minneapolis and it is freaking amazing. My husband got into a fight with Comcast about removing internet from his cable costs (they said the charge would remain the same) and cancelled all our Comcast services. We saved enormously! Fiber cable operates like a sublime dream with no impact from user load, weather or other factors I can see and insane speeds (for example the husband downloaded Destiny and all its expansions in the course of about fifteen minutes).
    And on top of that their customer service is amazing and they’re not a giant cable company. It’s so good that we’ve actually penciled in their fiber network onto a city map and determined that any future dwelling in the city has to be in their service area.

    Friends, check to see if fiber internet is available in your neighborhoods and, if it is, switch to it for the love of God(ess?)!Report

    • Christopher Carr in reply to North says:

      We’ll be moving again this spring. I think I’ll take your advice and factor in the presence of non-Cox, non-Comcast internet coverage into our new neighborhood. For now, 4G/5G is markedly superior, but it’s not perfect. For instance, I can’t use my Apple TV with 4G/5G, and I need to hotspot to run anything on the projector, which eats up hotspotting data.Report

      • North in reply to Christopher Carr says:

        You’d be well advised to do so. Fiber is far from ubiquitous but it is not uncommon in urban areas and it can be astonishingly good. We pay 85 bucks a month for basically all the internet you could ever ever want.Report