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  1. veronica d says:

    Strong agreement on your choice of best episode. That one was so much “not quite real, but kinda real.”Report

    • It might not have been my absolute favorite, but it was indeed up there for me. And I agree about the “not quite real, but kinda real” aspect of it. I think Black Mirror is at its best when it does that, i.e., when you can see how our current trends could plausibly create the type of world it depicts. I think we see that in some other episodes (Shut Up and Dance and maybe White Bear), but perhaps not as well as in Nosedive.Report

  2. Zac Black says:

    I strongly agree on many of these and strongly disagree on many others, so I feel pretty ambivalent about this list.Report

      • Zac Black in reply to Christopher Carr says:

        Well, for me the contenders for #1 are White Christmas, Fifteen Million Merits and USS Callister, but I was glad to see two of those three in the top five. I wouldn’t put Nosedive at the very top, but it would definitely be somewhere in the top 5. You know what, instead of breaking it down like this, how about I just…

        1. White Christmas
        2. USS Callister
        3. Fifteen Million Merits
        4. Be Right Back
        5. Nosedive
        6. The National Anthem
        7. San Junipero
        8. Bandersnatch
        9. Hang the DJ
        10. The Entire History of You
        11. Metalhead
        12. White Bear
        13. Arkangel
        14. Black Museum
        15. Playtest
        16. Hated in the Nation
        17. Shut Up and Dance
        18. Crocodile
        19. Men Against Fire
        20. The Waldo MomentReport

  3. I’d probably rank some of those differently, but I mostly agree with your list. A few unsolicited, random comments about certain episodes:

    My favorite was probably White Bear.

    One disappointing thing about Bandersnatch, for me, was that I’d really liked to see a Black Mirror story based in the 1980s or earlier that deals with technology of that earlier era in a “black mirror-ish” way. I’m not sure what that would look like, though. (As for the choose your own adventure aspect… strikes me as very gimmicky and I probably wouldn’t want to go that route in the future….but then I tend to resist new things and then later like them.)

    Crocodile wasn’t, in my opinion, a real Black Mirror show. There were some quasi-futuristic technology, but at the end of the day, it was just a story about a person who starts murdering people.

    USS Callister just didn’t do it for me.

    I’ve never been able to finish watching Be Right Back, although I’ve seen every single other episode.

    I agree about black museum. To me, it seemed like a “let’s get this over with so we can end the season” and even though I couldn’t predict the exact ending, its ending was nevertheless “predictable.”

    Thanks for writing this post, by the way. I enjoy talking about Black Mirror. Thanks, also, for letting us know there’s a new season. I’ll plan to watch it soon.Report

  4. InMD says:

    Shut Up and Dance (shudder). There was also the one where the dead woman’s mind gets put in a stuffed animal that I thought was really disturbing.

    I dissent on Men Against Fire. Didn’t really find that one too special. Metalhead, Nose Dive and San Juniper I also liked.

    I didn’t see the chose your own adventure one. The interactive aspect isn’t consistent with my toddler breaks.Report

  5. I think where my list tends to disagree with many other lists especially is that I really enjoyed Men Against Fire and really did not enjoy the Entire History of You. I think I enjoyed Men Against Fire for some of the same reasons I enjoyed Nosedive and Fifteen Millions Merits: they had to set it in a campy, bizarre future with grotesque CGI monsters in order to avoid the uncanny.Report

  6. InMD says:

    Just watched all 3. I didn’t think they were bad but the tone didn’t seem as dark. My wife enjoyed them more than I did.

    Also did Trent Reznor need a pay day or something?Report