Monthly Archive: April 2020


Thursday Throughput: Great Debate Edition

The Great Debate illustrates the scientific method so beautifully. Shapley was wrong. But he won the debate because the evidence was on his side.


Justin Amash Tilts the Presidential Windmill

You can become president by building a winning coalition or catch lightning in a bottle and short-circuit the system. Justin Amash isn’t doing either.


Dear Mable

When a feller needs a friend.



Too soon? Insensitive? Maybe. But imagining what COVID Clue might be like has got to better than watching another one of Trump’s insane press conferences from between my fingers.

coronavirus 6

A Letter From COVID-19 Exile

We know full well that we’re asking our fellow citizens to take on a huge burden, but the answer isn’t to shrug it off and let millions of us die.


Unbreakable Bonds

The last time the U.S. faced a global threat, Batman and Superman did their part—by becoming national pitchmen.

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