Saturday Morning Gaming: An X-Com Game from Out of Nowhere



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  1. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    I just started playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker. MrsJay and Thing Two have already been playing it for a couple of weeks. It’s an action/adventure RPG based on the Pathfinder tabletop RPG, and the Kingmaker module for that game that lets you run a kingdom.

    Well, for this game it’s a “barony” not a “kingdom”, though it’s somewhat independent. But before I can run it, I have to win it. From the Stag Lord and his bandits and from the Boggards.Report

  2. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    Speaking of Coca Cola commercials, I was recently reminded of this 1969 gem from Mary Hopkin. Odd choice for a soda commercial, but I’m not complaining:


    • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to Brandon Berg says:

      Related: I had always assumed that the New Seekers song had been adapted for the Coke commercial, but I just looked it up and it was the other way around: The commercial was so popular that they made a full-length version and stripped out the Coke references.Report


    It’s not X-COM unless you have a 100% chance of hitting at point blank range and wildly miss.Report

  4. Avatar Fish says:

    I’ve got two hours invested in it and…I’m not impressed. I was excited by the announcement and the trailer and couldn’t wait to get into it…but the missions all feel the same, the breach mechanic feels dull and repetitive. These soldiers…er…police aren’t mine. I can’t customize them beyond the color of their uniforms (I’m one of those XCOM 2 players who made entire rosters of soldiers–friends, family, characters from books, movies, TV shows, comics, etc. I’ve got a Jaybird and a Professor Esperanto!). I think I WAS expecting XCOM 3 and I didn’t get it. And that’s on me.

    I’m still hoping Firaxis will give us Terror From the Deep.Report

    • Avatar George Turner in reply to Fish says:

      I would think it odd that they’d remove options and richness, so perhaps as you go along things will get much more complex.

      How does the size of the install compare to X-COM 2? That should offer one clue.Report

  5. Avatar North says:

    I really should play Xcom sometime. Currently I’m playing Stellaris and when my observation posts over industrial+ alien worlds are set to non-passive observation I sometimes get aliens forming Xcom groups against me.Report

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