Monthly Archive: May 2020

100 Favorite Films To Recommend Part 9: The 2000s

In the 1920s, the film industry in America and eventually across the globe had grown large enough to become an important part of the American past time. That was followed by four straight decades...

How To Be a Fan, Though Married

“Why should a man have to give up the ordinary pleasures of life just because he’s married?”

Weekend Plans Post: Air Conditioning Weather

We’ve had a few hot days, here and there, but they were quickly followed up by cool evenings and cooler nights. It’s pretty easy to put up with an afternoon where it gets into...

Susan Collins

Remembering Susan Collins

The Republican Senator from Maine hasn’t covered herself in glory recently, but her accomplishments should be remembered as much as her downfall.

Thursday Throughput: First Galaxies

[ThTh1] As we look deeper into the universe, we have to look with different eyes. The expansion of the universe means that the further something is away from us, the faster it is moving...


Minnesota Burning

Rioting has broken out among protests in Minneapolis over the police killing of George Floyd.