Unbreakable Bonds

Alex M. Parker

Alex M. Parker

Alex Parker is a policy writer in Washington, D.C. with 15 years of journalism experience.

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18 Responses

  1. I love it! Thank you!!!Report

  2. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    Are you just going to leave us hanging on the story with that eagle? Is it a giant eagle? Are Batman and Robin miniaturized? What brought this unlikely trio together?Report

    • Avatar LeeEsq in reply to Brandon Berg says:

      Giant eagles were a secret alternative form of transportation developed to fly in soldiers on secret missions. They were quickly dropped once scientists realized that giant eagles large enough to carry grown humans aren’t really that secret and that nobody wanted to clean the bird cages.Report

  3. Avatar Damon says:

    Slightly off topic but celebrities WERE mentioned.

    This pretty much sums up my position.


  4. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    Anybody who saw Casino Royale knows that James Bond is quit breakable.Report

  5. Avatar DensityDuck says:

    It would be amusing to ask some of the people railing about “SJW crap” being “shoehorned” into modern comics what they think about these examples of characters being bent out of shape solely to act as examples of what the creators considered important issues of the day.Report

    • Avatar CJColucci in reply to DensityDuck says:

      I’d be interested in that myself. How often does anyone object to the insertion of “politics” into anything unless it’s politics they don’t like? How often does anyone even notice the insertion of “politics” unless it’s politics they don’t like? There might be some consistently principled folk on the subject, but by my count there are 37 of them, and they have no influence.Report

      • Avatar Chip Daniels in reply to CJColucci says:

        We call things “political” when they are contentious and unsettled;
        As opposed to things which are settled and part of a widely shared consensus.

        But as we’ve discussed here, that consensus is constantly breaking apart and reforming as the boundaries between what is settled and what is debatable shift.

        People whose ideas and cultural frameworks were once solidly “nonpolitical” sometimes suddenly find themselves an outsider, their ideas now repugnant and highly “political”.

        “Political Correctness” is what the consensus looks like when you’re not a part of it.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to DensityDuck says:

      Here’s one important question:

      “Did sales go down?”

      That’s it. That’s the question. If sales went down, inserting politics was a bad idea. If they went up, it was a good idea. Did putting victory gardens on the cover of superhero funnybooks increase sales because that had 10-year olds feel like they were contributing to the effort (or moms willing to part with 15 precious cents because, hey, it’s good politics)?

      Then it was a good idea.

      If sales went down, it was a bad idea. Well, it might not have been an *AWFUL* idea… there’s a war going on, a lot of luxuries aren’t moving in the stores, you can’t blame the insertion of politics…

      But if sales went up (or sales remained steady), you’ve got a less solid footing on the “it’s a bad idea” argument than that it was a good one.

      Now, if sales went *DOWN*? At that point you’re stuck with a tougher victory garden row to hoe.Report

    • Avatar Urusigh in reply to DensityDuck says:

      Ok, I’ll bite. I don’t like it, especially for Batman. To the extent that something is genuinely in character (i.e. Captain America face-punching Hitler), do what makes sense, but I despise hollowing out a great existing character to be nothing more than a frame around a PSA for some writer’s pet political agenda, Right or Left. AFAIAC it’s little better than false advertising. If I want a comic pushing a moral, I’ll check the Christian bookstore. I would really like to be able to just discuss comics with other introvert nerds without having the real world intrude. Comics are escapism, shoving in “important issues of the day” defeats their primary purposeReport

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