Daily Archive: August 3, 2012


Reminder: Democracy Symposium Monday

A quick reminder — we’re going to start our symposium on democracy on Monday. The opening question to the floor: “Is liberal democracy viable?” Guest posts may be directed to my attention. Thanks, I’m...


The Good Book

While I was away traversing the mighty jungles of mid-town Manhattan, I had the chance to see The Book of Mormon.  Even if you aren’t a theatre person, chances are you’ve still heard of...


Friday Jukebox: Absolutely Killing It

I think I am supposed to let other people here write these but I so enjoy writing about music (and so detest the places I end up emotionally when I try to write about...


In Which I Turn Into A Neoliberal Shill

This is not the most original post idea I’ve ever had, but this post by Matt Yglesias got me thinking, and I decided to just write it all down. The basic argument is about...

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