Daily Archive: August 22, 2012

(K?)nashville or bust*!

So, in about 6 hours I board a flight to Nashville for a good friend’s bachelor party…  And I need your help…

Everything’s Bigger in Texas…

Including the wingnuts. Evidently the string of recent craziness left those of us in the Lone Star State feeling underwhelmed by our crop of crazies. Well, no longer!

The Medicare Morass

It’s too soon to render a definitive judgment, but I’ve got to hand it to Romney-Ryan: So far, they’ve done a really good job confusing the Medicare issue.

The Alpha-Alpha Male Strategy

Of all the tactics available to the Republican party to overcome the 12-point gender gap,* this would be… one of them. UPDATE: A tweet from Ross Douthat suggests that it was supposed to be a joke, or...

Just Go Ahead And Try It

Ingenuity! This is just amazing. (cross-posted at Mindless Diversions)