Daily Archive: August 30, 2012


Dear Dr. Rice,

Your speech at the RNC convention was a masterpiece. My congratulations. Effective doublespeak requires double the effort. None of us will forget that bright September day when your assistant told you an airplane had...


If You Read Just One Thing Today

Make sure it’s this. Whether you believe it or not, are persuaded or remain unconvinced, Matt Taibbi’s piece, combined with Romney’s close to the Republican Convention, will make it the talk of the town.


The Plan Behind the Rhetoric…

CBPP’s “Off the Charts” blog has a helpful round-up of Paul Ryan’s budget plan. (The one that beltway “sages’ seem to think is “brave” or whatever nonsensical crap they like to talk about). Contrast...


The Reality of Our Meat Industry

The Rural Blog points readers towards a video that is hard to watch, but ultimately very important. The video was put together by the American Meat Institute and the legendary professor Dr.Temple Grandin and...


Gay marriage bill passes first vote in New Zealand

New Zealand already has Civil Unions but a Bill has been introduced to allow gay marriage.  It passed its first reading (the first of 3 votes needed to pass the Bill), which clears it...

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