Daily Archive: August 17, 2012


Shame On Russia

Three of the members of Russian punk rock collective Pussy Riot have been found guilty of “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” and sentenced to two years of labor in a corrective institution, with credit...


Your Tax Dollars At Work

Granted, the Economist can only take an educated guess into how the Roman Catholic Church spends its money. So we need to take the numbers with that caution in mind. Still, the notion of this particular religious...


The Independent Illusion

Greg Sargent published an interesting report yesterday from Colorado, where he’s been doing some old fashioned journamalism by talking to undecided voters in the Denver area. Greg writes that his findings should give both candidates...


Friday Jukebox: 1980s Crush Edition

I heard this on the radio driving in this morning.  I’m wondering how many thousands of boys/men fell absolutely in love with Susanna Hoffs at the 2:47 mark. I know I did. Girl knew...


Talking about Things that Happened

A few months back, before The Avengers movie came out, I had a pre-movie open thread in which I discussed why the Captain America movie made me a little bit uncomfortable. Behind the cut,...

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