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Zero Tolerance Policies Are Stupid

But, that being said, there is something monumentally more stupid that zero tolerance policies, and that’s having one, and then not following it. 


The Yardstick Case Of Pussy Riot

We begin with an amusingly bland description from the intentionally-bland wikipedia: “Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist punk-rock collective that stages politically provocative impromptu performances in Moscow, on subjects such as the status of women...


Discourse Failure and Why Both Sides Do It

In the comment section in Shawn Gude’s post, one of the things that came up was why economists weren’t trusted even though they are experts in their field. The thing is, it’s not just economists....


Capitalism and the Monkey Cage

Unlike monkeys, humans are capable of deserving things for morally significant reasons. These reasons go far beyond simple Pavlovian conditioning or the whims of a capricious experimenter. Humans form complex plans of all different...


Mitt Romney, Celery, And A Whole Bunch Of Monkeys

Before turning to the issues of the day, I’d like to highlight this — my favorite study ever: Researchers studying brown capuchin monkeys (Cebus apella) have found that the highly social, cooperative species native...


How To Give A Damn About Climate Change

When it comes to the politics of climate change, there’s one question I’ve never been able to answer satisfactorily: Where’s the outrage?


A Partial Mea Culpa

[Note: Originally posted at The Safe Depository.] Over the past few months, as a result of Occupy, my lack of awareness of leftist thinkers, and my exposure to Corey Robin’s fantastic The Reactionary Mind,...


Observed ***UPDATED***

Generally speaking, parents who tend to espouse more conservative political views tend to parent their children in a way that is more “big government”*, while parents who tend to espouse more liberal political views...


Evil at Dawn

At the New Yorker, Rollo Roming argues that calling James Holmes and/or Jerry Sandusky “evil” raises more questions than it answers.  The concept of evil has been tossed into “confusion” and “tatters” by the...



Like most sports, hunting has its off-season. For me this runs basically from March until September, with a brief interlude for turkey hunting in April.  My off-season follows a predictable pattern of rest, review, planning...


Well hello there…

(This introduction will be conducted entirely in the 4th person singular, a grammatical person invented by Metta World Peace when, in attempting to speak about himself in the 3rd person, accidently referred to himself...


Weird Policy Proposal: The A-Tax-Rebate

Fellow Gentleman, Connor Williams did an awesome post on education reform in the US. One thing that kept cropping up in the discussion was that school choice didn’t really solve one of the key...


Our Socialist Founding Fathers

Alexander Hamilton, from his “Report on Manufactures”: The remaining objections to a particular encouragement of manufactures in the United States now require to be examined. One of these turns on the proposition, that Industry,...


Mon Tiki in Montauk

It turns out Mon Tiki’s slender, efficient hull shape is not well suited for trailer made for boats driven by big engines. Getting the port hull loaded and secure took four hours and a...


Which “Market-Based” Education Reform?

After I finished college, I went to teach first grade at a charter school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, so I have complicated, conflicted views on education reform that are at once personal and political. Nothing bothers...

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