Daily Archive: August 26, 2012


Captain David’s 35% Rule

Last week was a bit of a rough go in the shipyard. We went to step our masts, only to find that super-special, never-been-used-on-a-certificated-vessel-before rigging was made too short. The source of the error...


Mindless Diversions Comment Rescue And Open Thread!

Kohole asks: Your comment brings up a question: when did Good v Evil stories with the Good Guys Winning actually start (at least in the western tradition)?  The bible and the myths ancient Greeks...

Why It’s Impossible To Parent Ironically

There’s been a fair bit of parenthood buzz around the League of late (Cf. Mike and Will and, in a different way, Burt). I’ve enjoyed all of it, and I want to add a...


A Giant Leap into the Undiscovered Country.

…RIP Neil Armstrong. The tragedy of the day is that more people are skeptical of his achievements today, than they were when he achieved them 43 years ago….