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Classified Documents 12

Own Goals, Email Servers and Classified Documents

While the outcomes are the same in both Biden and Trump’s incidents – Classified Documents in places they shouldn’t be – the mechanisms of getting them there are different.

Venmo 8

Paws Off My Venmo

Is the IRS really going to tax my Venmo? Technically no, but the real risk is if you don’t report it as income when it should be, the IRS could include your return in an audit sweep.

Free Stuff

Get Your Free Stuff Right Over Here!

Offering “free stuff” products and services to 51% or more of the electorate while vilifying opponents is a tactic as old as human government

Freedom of Speech

“Better Voters” Is Not Just About Voting

Voting isn’t about preferences; it’s about accountability. But therein lies my disagreement that we should have “fewer but better” voters

Eviction Moratorium

Presidential Commission on SCOTUS: Read It For Yourself

President Biden has announced the makeup of his promised Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States that has been staffing since February, along with an Executive Order.