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Rebuilding from Ashes

The Trump Presidency was a catastrophe, and is a dire indictment of the Republican Party and the US’s constitutional system.

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The Destructive High Water Mark of MAGA

It was all under control, you see, so carefully planned. The Show of Shows on this Day of Days for the Make America Great Again faithful.

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Impeach Him, Tonight

A rule that allows presidents to do whatever they want as long as they don’t have very much time remaining in office is a bad one with many easily foreseeable downsides.

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President Trump Demands More Cowbell

Now, you didn’t think President Trump was just going to get all normal and sign the covid relief/omnibus spending package, did you?

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Up The Union

Rise against the unworthy schemers who, far from wanting law and order and freedom, only use such words to entice others into subjugation.

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President Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

The president may have thrown his lawyer, Sidney Powell, under the bus but Michael Flynn himself has his long-rumored presidential pardon:

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A Mostly Peaceful Transition of Power

Many will be disappointed, but history tells us exactly what President Trump will do from here on out. And it doesn’t end in a bang.

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Can My Evangelist Keynote Your Summit?

Cybersecurity conferences were a huge racket.  I am not implying anything nefarious or illegal: it was just a very profitable business model.