Author: John McCumber

John McCumber is a cybersecurity executive, retired US Air Force officer, and former Cryptologic Fellow of the National Security Agency. In addition to his professional activities, John is a former Professorial Lecturer in Information Security at The George Washington University in Washington, DC and is currently a technical editor and columnist for Security Technology Executive magazine. John is the author of the textbook Assessing and Managing Security Risk in IT Systems: a Structured Methodology
Free Stuff 68

Get Your Free Stuff Right Over Here!

Offering “free stuff” products and services to 51% or more of the electorate while vilifying opponents is a tactic as old as human government

post-pandemic 52

Post-Pandemic Wasteland

The pandemic response has created a new post-pandemic world with fewer personal services, amenities and changed priorities for businesses

The System 25

Growing up in the System:

There are still too many people of my experience trying to apply their “the system” to today’s problems and today’s jobs.

ZZ Top 6

ZZ Top and Me

Who was going to grab the stupid kid on the traffic signal island first? The military police or ZZ Top in a limo?

American Pickers 6

American Pickers, Picking and Grinning

American Pickers is of particular in my household, a working-class family with parents/contemporaries who lived through the Great Depression.

child tax credit

When People Become Stateless

State residency is a debatable and fluid concept for people like you and every state you visit will eye you for potential revenue.


How Do You Know Where to Go?

It doesn’t have to be perfect or tour-quality. You like beaches? Castles? Mountains? Just pick a place and go.