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The Equality Act 2

The Equality Act: Read It For Yourself

The Equality Act is being reintroduced in the House of Representatives, amending civil rights law in workforce, housing, education, credit, jury service and other areas of American life

Linky Friday 15

Linky Friday: Not Great, Bob Edition

Linky Friday, Ordinary Times tradition of links and stories from around the web plus every you might have missed from week that was.

“Immigrants,” 1930, Minnesota Historical Society, Painter: Peter Wedin (1894-1980). Creative Commons Attribution-SharAlike 2.0 Generic License. 1

US Citizenship Act: Read It For Yourself

Read the US Citizenship Act for yourself, or since its 353-pages use the search feature of the embedded PDF to make it easier.

Rush Limbaugh 66

Rush Limbaugh Dead at 70

Radio and conservative political icon Rush Limbaugh has died at 70, his wife announced to open his radio show today.