An Evening with Batman and Robin


Alex M. Parker

Alex Parker is a policy writer in Washington, D.C. with 15 years of journalism experience.

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  1. veronica d says:

    It’s weird thinking back on those Batman TV shows. The thing was, I never got into them much. I watched a few, because the premise of superheroes seemed cool to me. But I just didn’t get the “camp” aspect. Back then I could only engage with media earnestly, and it was hard for me to enjoy those shows earnestly — which is all pretty funny because I turned out to be a big ol’ campy queer. But anyway.

    I’ve done a few “bad movie nights” with my friends, where we watched The Room or whatever. The thing is, I don’t actually enjoy it much. I do, however, enjoy being “in on the joke.” In other words, I find little immediate enjoyment from the direct experience of watching bad movies. I do, however, like the social inclusion it provides. I like participating in the memes.

    In other words, the whole “I did not hit her I did not oh hi Mark” thing is actually pretty funny as a meme, but sitting thought the whole movie to understand it is a bit of a chore.Report