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The Joker 84

Heroes and Villains

How can any of us be held responsible for being bad, or given credit for being good, if all we are is conscienceless computer programs easily corrupted by a traumatic childhood?


Inheriting Batman

If Batman: The Animated Series was the perfection of a world already created, Batman Beyond represents a fascinating world waiting to be explored.

diablo 21

Diablo III and the Death of God

In Diablo III, Heaven and its angels reveal themselves to be far more complicated, and far from the conception of good one might think


The Condiment King: An Oral History

DC writers hate him for being a one-note bit that persists over the years, surviving deaths and reboots with a mind and agenda of his own


Batman vs Superman, Seriously

So if “doing what works” is a working definition of fascism, and an affinity for “doing what works” makes Batman fascist, and Superman
fascist, what does that mean for us poor old everyday humans


They Stole My Batman

There have been many iterations of Batman. The best comes from Batman: The Animated Series


Is Batman a Fascist?

A decade after its release, we’re still wrestling with The Dark Knight’s murky politics.


Batwoman in Red

The complicated relationship between the Batman, the ‘woman, and the ‘girl.

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The Taste of Death

Batman’s Stupidest Foe Isn’t Just Tragic–He’s Lethal


The Symbolism of Batman and Where We Put Our Faith

(Spoilers: This post will be rife with them. Do not read unless you’ve already seen the movie or couldn’t care less about the story. And, borrowed from Jaybird because he already covered all the...


The Dark Knight Rises, Some Thoughts

Why do I like Nolan’s Batman movies? Why have I anticipated each one so much, taking part in their taxing spectacle with the unflinching glee of a 5 year old? Why do I lose...


The Henchman’s Diary

In the glamorous world of superheroes, all of the media attention is always focused on the famous, flamboyant super-villains. But what about the regular, everyday, Joe-Shmoe working-stiffs that make the wheels of those Evil Empires go ’round? Who takes the time to tell their story?


Anarchy, State, and Batman

The discussion between Taylor Marvin, Erik Kain, and Jamelle Bouie about Nolan’s Batman films is already superb.  I’m not sure how much I can add to the conversation, but as a long time Batman fan...


Batman and Civil Society

I have a long-ish post up at Forbes that the comic-book lovers among you, and those of you who enjoy Nolan’s Dark Knight films, might enjoy. I know the commenting is still sort of dark...


“Nuclear chivalry.”

As many have said before, it’s no coincidence that in the world of Hollywood blockbusters the last decade has been the decade of the superhero film. In the nineties our blockbusters brought us fantasy...