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Films That Could Have Been

There are far too many science fiction films that left us asking: what happened? Thankfully, three recent documentaries get to the bottom of it.


Iron Man 3: One Big Joke

Tony Stark suffers from PTSD, Pepper Pots is mad because he bought her a giant stuffed rabbit for Christmas, and an enigmatic terrorist called the Mandarin is taking responsibility for supposed suicide bombings in...


DC Comics Gets Political with “The Movement”

“Yer goin’ all soft on me, Luis, I swear,” growls one cop to his partner. He then proposes the following to a couple just busted for drug possession, “You go. We keep the evidence....


How The Avengers Succeeds

“They’re a mash-up; they’re insane,” Whedon says. “But the beauty of that is as exciting as the problem of that is daunting.” Marvel’s The Avengers is an impressive monster. A juggernaut at the box...