Daily Archive: January 26, 2009

Economic Crisis

This post grows out of some discussion Freddie and I have participated in over at The Confabulum  re: Conor’s post about potential bank nationalization. Bank nationalization,were it to occur, would undoubtedly be the result...

human beings, human limits

(The video above in part inspired me to write this post. I’m including it for context. This isn’t intended as an indictment of either Wilkinson or Yudkowsky, although I do think that Yudkowsky, it’s...

The more I know, the less I know

The funny thing about my political writing is that it has been, from the beginning, very public. And it’s gotten better over time, which is good, and bloggier, too. You learn the tricks. The...

Sunday Poem

PSong of Man Chipping an Arrowhead by WS Merwin Little children, you will all go but the one you are hiding will fly.

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