Daily Archive: January 29, 2009


Authority, Empathy, and Power

A while ago I attempted to wade through some of the differences I noticed between Cultural or Civilization Conservatives, and Fundamentalist Social Conservatives, perhaps because I was worried that too often members of both...


Stand Up Sociology

Jennifer Schuessler writing in the NyTimes Review of Books: Pity the poor Organization Man. Once upon a time, he ruled the American Century with his natty fedora and his quest for “belongingness.” Sure, every­one...


“To the Barricades!”

This will hopefully be the only call to activism that I will ever issue at this site.  But when legendary Blawger Walter Olson calls you out by name, it’s hard to continue sitting idly...


Talking About the Same Thing When the Other Side Won’t

Downblog, Kyle highlights and provides approval for a comment to my post this afternoon on the importance of “talking about the same thing.”  That comment was in response to my argument that ideology works...


goodbye to Culture11

If you Google “Culture11” you’ll find a ton of entries that say “My article at Culture11”. That’s because, in addition to tons of content from established (and David Brooks approved!) writers, the editors went...

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