Daily Archive: January 23, 2009


a little more on party and perspective

To extend the question of partisan positioning leading to inconsistencies just a bit further (and I promise that I’m done after that), consider James Poulos, echoing Peter Suderman, “If movies aren’t always, or even...


doubt, believings, and post-postmodernism

Long time blogging pal of mine, Bill Harryman (whose blog Integral Options is worth your time), posted this quotation.  I want to link it into our thread our post-postmodern. “Doubt is most often the...


The Talking Heads will Feed Themselves

Kyle asks: What motivates the Limbaughs and the Hannities and the Malkins to take up the standard of hyper-partisan contrarian now?  Surely one would say to provide a voice of balance against the rampant...


earnestness is mine, sayeth the conservative

I was pondering Erik and Mark’s thoughts on partisanship, and this video fell in my lap. I first saw this via Andrew, but it appears to be making the rounds in the right-of-center blogosphere....


The Case of Principle v. Partisanship

I was about to start writing a post for the lively Israel-Palestine series, the beginnings of which are percolating through my head.  But then Kyle had to come in and write a post that...


Twisting the Knight Away

First of all, I have to admit, I enjoyed The Dark Knight.  I didn’t leave the theatre thinking I’d seen Oscar material–though, to be fair, I’m not particularly sold on the value of the...

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