Daily Archive: January 21, 2009


Meet the New (Drug) Boss, Same as the Old One?

Fellow L.O.G.(ger?) ED’s post on drug legalization is exremely sharp from my vantage point.  He suggests legalizing pot (agreed), generally not taking the approach of viewing users as criminals (agreed again), but questions the...


Same Sex Marriage and Nomenclature

In the epic podcast about same sex marriage between me, John Schwenkler and OG Scott Payne, John spoke about the importance of recognizing the cultural relevance of same sex coupling. John finds my personal...


the ethical sale of crystal meth

While I’m largely of the same mind as Freddie on the subject of drug legalization, which may indeed be the best way to defeat the cartels and avoid the sort of civil war (a...


Civilization is a responsibility.

Reflecting on Israel, ED Kain writes Note when Foukara mentions that the only country Al-Jazeera has never been shut-down in is Israel.  Perhaps this is another reason we hold them in our esteem–they reflect...


Multipolarity and Middle East

Scott’s intriguing counterintuitive post got me thinking.  He thinks Obama should hold off on diving into a Middle East Peace Process.  It appears however Obama–at least in his public rhetoric–is headed in from the...


The Filter of War

Freddie writes: While I continue to believe that our national conversation is far from an equitable or fair one, I have to admit that things have changed; there is more criticism and questioning of...

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