Daily Archive: January 22, 2009


I got the mic, I rock it how I please

Max Socol wrote a post that I think is an example of rhetorical bad faith. To put it simply, those who say “let’s talk policy, not morality” are always, in fact, talking morality, they’re...


Policy and Dissent

Max Socol is unhappy with our initial foray into the Israel/Palestine debate: Moral arguments concerning Israel and Palestine may be of incidental interest (i.e., did Israel commit war crimes in Gaza? Who is to...


The Ottoman Counterfactual

I offer up this alternate history for consideration: What if the Ottoman Empire had not fallen, or crumbled rather, in the wake of World War I?  What if, on the other hand, the Turkish...


incoherent blockbusters and the Dark Knight

I think it was Eagle Eye that finally broke me. I just can’t take any more movies that don’t make any sense. Not because that forgettable Shia Labeouf vehicle was particularly nonsensical– it didn’t...

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