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Movie theaters 13

Movie Theaters are Mostly Dead

Movie theaters were already on their last legs before COVID. The pandemic just turned them into dead men walking.

soul 9

To Thine Own Soul be Authentic

My family watched the new Pixar film, Soul, and let me tell you it is the gut punch that we all need right now.

Chadwick Boseman 1

Remembering Chadwick Boseman

I had difficulty sleeping last night. Chadwick Boseman was a legend who was taken way too young. He will be greatly missed.

romance 34

Help!! I Need Someone!

Women are not men, and because women are not men, a straightforward reversal of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope doesn’t work.

Moviebob Bob Chipman 10

MovieBob Syndrome

What is MovieBob Syndrome? It is a person who ascribes far more worth and influence to themselves than they actually have. This is narcissism on steroids.


Prologue To A Binge Of Cinematic History

That first ingredient for the recipe of having cinema come to existence happened could be argued to have taken place in several moments of mankind’s past.

Miyazaki 5

The Layered Genius of Miyazaki, Part II

The bonds between Miyazaki’s characters are the sinews binding his movies together, bringing all this wondrous art, imagery, and themes into one coherent whole.

death in venice 5

Sunday Morning! “Death in Venice”

The time felt right to reread Thomas Mann’s novella and watched Lucino Visconti’s 1971 film of desire and disease and our inability to quarantine either of them.


100 Favorite Films To Recommend Part 9: The 2000s

In the 1920s, the film industry in America and eventually across the globe had grown large enough to become an important part of the American past time. That was followed by four straight decades...


100 Favorite Films To Recommend Part 8: The 1990s

After a decade of auteur focused film-making in the seventies helped bridge the path past its golden age, and a blockbuster and franchise dominated eighties helped it to start making big money at the...