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Best Picture Oscars 2

2023 Best Picture Oscars Projections: The Starting Line

These initial projections for next year’s Best Picture Oscars race are based purely on my objective thoughts on where the race is as of this writing just weeks after the previous Academy Awards had their say

Month in Theaters 6

The Month in Theaters December 2021

I managed to get to the theaters eight times in the month of December, although that included one movie I saw twice.

Belfast 2

Belfast Goes Hollywood

Belfast finally goes Hollywood! Branagh’s approach brings the characters to the forefront, free of distraction, again much like a play

Nightmare Alley 8

Sunday Morning! “Nightmare Alley” x 3

William Lindsay Gresham heard a story he never forgot. Guillermo Del Toro’s recent adaptation of his “Nightmare Alley” is the latest verion

Come and See 6

Sunday Morning: “Come and See” (1985)

The actors in Elem Kllimov’s 1985 film “Come and See” look into the camera until it seems like we’re staring at the bottom of a well