yeah, and extreme aggression about movies, books or music too :)

maybe i shouldn't have used CAPS. Some clarification: i don't disagree with your list of the plot holes (besides the "supervillain defense" i mounted above). it's still not clear to me how TDK is in any way more of an incoherent blockbuster than, say, Return of the King, which won Best Picture. my point about one-dimensional people is not about TDK but real life.

still buddies, a'right?

p.p.s. i (mostly) second James' post above.

p.p.p.s. the fact that you think people like joker don't exist (that is, that one-dimensional people don't exist) is pretty shocking to me. the unrealistic part of the joker character is his talent, NOT his mind.

the joker is no more (or less) unrealistic than Batman. no, a normal bad guy couldn't pull off the stunts the Joker pulls. that's why he's a supervillain. That's why his adversary is a guy who drives around in a 500 million dollar car beating up criminals with his hands. I don't think you realize in what dangerous territory you're in here, freddie. You are questioning not just bad plotting but the foundational premise of all superhero stories from the Illiad to the Matrix. do you really wanna go there man?

p.s. the Dark Knight was AWESOME.