Daily Archive: August 18, 2014

One-dollar bill shaped as a shirt

The Platonic Ideal of Being Middle Class

In Professor Hanley’s post on income inequality, Gabriel Conroy vexed frustration about how the term middle class was overbroad to the point of uselessness. Our would be Dubliner wrote: ‘I’m also wary of the...


Respect the service!

On Human Nature

In my inequality post, Snarky McSnarkSnark writes, The elevation of the “economic man” over the “social man” in our political and cultural thinking has led us increasingly away for our own core nature. I...

Perfect Victims

Don’t underestimate how important it is for a victim to appear faultless.

The Police Through Their Own Eyes

Ferguson has placed in stark relief the fact that the police view themselves as an independent authority unbeholden and unanswerable to either the people or their elected representatives.