Daily Archive: August 21, 2014

Better Call Saul!! My Time on Jury Duty

I had jury duty for two days this week. I was not selected to serve on the jury but I did get empaneled and asked questions by the judge, assistant district attorney, and defense...

It had to happen eventually.

Erick Erickson wrote a post titled “I Increasingly Find Conflict Between My Faith and Some Conservative Discourse“. Musing on this revelation of his after the cut.


I dunno about you, but these last couple of weeks have taken a toll. So I’m giving this post to Maribou tonight.

What Happened To Michael Brown Is Not Much In Dispute

The conventional wisdom at the moment about the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri two weeks ago is that no one really knows what happened, and that the narratives conflict greatly depending on who you ask.

The conventional wisdom is bull.

Gawker Addendum

If you haven’t read Ethan’s Post on Gawker up top, go read it now. Once you have, come look at this.

Gawker to Vox: Stay off our lawn

Gawker’s Leah Finnegan strongly objects to a post by Max Fischer at Vox describing how events in Ferguson might be reported on if the U.S. were just another country in the world.