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labor day 108

Ordinary World: Labor Day

A Labor Day edition of your Ordinary World with links to stories from around the world and across the web to read, share, and discuss

code 19

Tech Tuesday: Auto Code

Tech Tuesday’ normally about exciting new things that work. Today’s is about an exciting situation where new things likely to fail: code.

vegan spider silk 15

Tech Tuesday: Vegan Spider Silk

Vegan Spider Silk isn’t the latest character from the Spiderverse, reeking of patchouli & full of self righteousness about your eating habits

Recycling 13

Tech Tuesday: Re-Thinking Recycling

So aside from metals (and organic stuff that can be composted), it doesn’t appear that we have a lot of recycling we can actually do

Linky Friday 7

Linky Friday: Moth To A Flame Edition

Linky Friday is the Ordinary Times end-of-the-week tradition of bringing you stories from across the web and around the world to discuss

Linky Friday 64

Linky Friday: To Link It, Link It Good!

Linky Friday is the long-running tradition of reading & discussing news and opinions from across the internet and around the world plus the week that was in case you missed any of the great writing at Ordinary Times

Linky Friday 15

Linky Friday: Not Great, Bob Edition

Linky Friday, Ordinary Times tradition of links and stories from around the web plus every you might have missed from week that was.