Author: Saul DeGraw

Elizabeth Warren 21

Win it Warren

Symposium: With Elizabeth Warren, you have a candidate from a non-elite background, cares deeply about the struggles of everyday citizens, and one that rejects Trump.

Drag Queen 289

The Gig Is Up

Sohrab Ahmari is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. He is shocked, shocked that drag queens read stories to children at public libraries.


Putting on Airs?

Saul learns his class position in the art world.

Impeachment 61

Open Thread: Tillerson Out

Tillerson might be on the way out, more intrigue in Trump’s dysfunctional governmet.


After Trump

Comity, good faith, and bi-partisanship are at an end. How should the Democratic Party conduct itself after Trump?



The beauty and power of the opening passage.


What Happens Next?

Another breakdown on the election and, in particular, where the Democratic Party goes from here.


Trumping it Up

Trump and the Future of American politics.


A Movie In Which Not Much Happens

Summer 2016 was a bust for Hollywood blockbusters. What can Hollywood learn from the Japanese and Our Little Sister. Can Americans listen?